rokytka pension

Our pension

Rokytka Pension, a listed Upper Lusatian house from 1834, offers more than just ordinary accommodation. We are doing our best to satisfy our guests’ needs and maintain the building's romantic vibe with all that it includes – low ceilings, squeaky floors, vault ceilings, an old brick oven…

We offer three suites (for 5 or 6 persons), each with its own bathroom and kitchenette, and three rooms for two equipped with washbasins (toilet and shower are shared). These accommodation options are located in the main building. Apart from that, we offer accommodation in a separate house right next to the main building. Its capacity is 8 persons – three bedrooms, a kitchenette, a living/dining room and a bathroom are available to the guests. The house provides all the quietness and cosiness of unshared accommodation. Heat is provided by a fireplace that distributes the heat to all the other rooms.

It gets even better...

Along with the accommodation, guests can also buy dinners and breakfasts. For dinner we make delicious Czech meals, though we can also prepare meals of various ethnic cuisines. We try our best to use locally available ingredients and the products of our garden. You will get the chance to taste our delicacies in the morning as well, as we will provide you with fresh bread rolls, buns and traditional Czech bread – all of which we bake in house. Homemade pastries, jams, pâtés, spreads, lard, and a lot more are also a part of every breakfast. We will try to make the choice of meals suit your desires and needs as much as possible.

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Who is behind all this?

We are a family business led by two brothers – Jiří and Tomáš. Each of us puts their best into the business – cooking skills, life experience, precision, attention to detail, sense of humour, language skills and trekking experience, skilful hands and patience with children. Our goal is for you to feel like you’re visiting your best friends. We’re here just for you – whether it’s cooking a delicious meal, helping you plan some hiking trips, making a relaxed atmosphere or ensuring a clean and comfortable environment.

We look forward to your visit!
Jirka + Hanka + Tomáš + Maruška